Suddenly miss my previous life


Suddenly miss the one who gave me lots memories


Suddenly miss By 6's members when i was down gave me support



Previous Life:

I missing my previous life



Missing my study life

I can hang out with my dearest jimui~

I can cheong k with my jimui~

I can shopping with my jimui~

I can do watever I like~



The one who gave me lots memories:

The one who gave me memories

You really gave me lots memories

All things around me all is gave by you

I din't throw the things you gave me

Because all is my memories

I din't throw doesn't mean I still wait for you

I not same as you

Throw all things had related to me

But doesn't matter

I not that previous Ling Ling already



By 6's Member:





I missing that time chit chat with you all

Thanks to you all who guird me when I was down

Feel sorry to you all

I plan 3rd week of May will go KL find you all


That week have Beauty Expo

Maybe I need to work during that event


Our date may be will delay to June

Hope you all don't angry me ya~^^





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  • Yvett
  • Sometimes, I miss the past too. And even regret to withdraw. But, we can't get back to there, and just have to move forward of it. Let's looking forward of it!
    We won't blame you la since we understand how important of the work. Just hope to meet all up again. And ya, Neway have better promotion now!! Faster come back and sing k with us!!!

    Miss you, with love ;)