Suddenly miss my previous life


Suddenly miss the one who gave me lots memories


Suddenly miss By 6's members when i was down gave me support



Previous Life:

I missing my previous life



Missing my study life

I can hang out with my dearest jimui~

I can cheong k with my jimui~

I can shopping with my jimui~

I can do watever I like~



The one who gave me lots memories:

The one who gave me memories

You really gave me lots memories

All things around me all is gave by you

I din't throw the things you gave me

Because all is my memories

I din't throw doesn't mean I still wait for you

I not same as you

Throw all things had related to me

But doesn't matter

I not that previous Ling Ling already



By 6's Member:





I missing that time chit chat with you all

Thanks to you all who guird me when I was down

Feel sorry to you all

I plan 3rd week of May will go KL find you all


That week have Beauty Expo

Maybe I need to work during that event


Our date may be will delay to June

Hope you all don't angry me ya~^^





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