Long time I didn't update my blog...


I think I gonna kill by Sim Sim n Fun Fun...


cause of lazy...sorry ya ~ ^^



Let me upload my current photo ~ 


my new look in 2011( Sim Sim ask me open center line)


Just now around 5pm...


I get a call from an agent, she called Linda ~


" Sannie, congraz to u ya...get the job already"


" Huh? Got meh? I didn't get their call wor..."


" Har? I think got...cause they call to my boss..."


From the dialog above, I get the job already...



17 of Jan I will be work in Melilea as a Business Relation Executive...


but I need training first...


I will be train in Melaka 1 - 2 months...


after that, my manager only will send me to KL..



d3ar d3ar and my jimui-s ,


please wait for me more 2 months ya~


I will hurry up back to u all side already~^^

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