Finally I back KL again~

can meet my d3ar d3ar and my jimui 

1 week more didn't back KL~

I miss my KL life, really miss it~

no matter alone at home,

feel lonely or what,

I still miss my KL life ~ 


Because KL have my d3ar d3ar and my jimui

they all are around my side... ^^

Take 10.30am bus back to KL

but reach KL already afternoon le~

d3ar d3ar sleeping that time

so I alone take lrt back to Taman Melati 

Finally I reach home ~

wake up my d3ar d3ar and told him ...

" I am back "

chit chat wif d3ar d3ar until 2.30pm

d3ar d3ar want go to work already

Receive message from Fun Fun

luckily they can come my house here find me ~ 

Sim Sim, Fun Fun and Louise went to Low Yat sing k

I didn't go with them because I want to meet my d3ar d3ar first

1 week more didn't meet him make me miss him so much ~ ^^

We went to Old Town chit chat

let me introduce my jimui to you all ya ~ ^^

p/s : paiseh Sim Sim, I stole your picture ya~ 

sim sim 

 * Sim Sim * 

Fun Fun 

 * Fun Fun *


 * L0uis3 *


 * m3 *


 * BY 5 * without Annlyn

Annlyn, four of us are waiting you come back to KL lo ~

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  • Yvett
  • All stole my pic!! haha XD But I'm glad that you all stole my pic. but tell me if you want the pic la, cz having my URL and title there la~~ ><
  • nvm la...i just copy from fb de ~ ^^

    ^Ling Ling^ 於 2010/11/30 01:20 回覆

  • LitterRic3
  • sure stole ur pic lar..
    use ur phone to take pic wad~