PC Expo was held on 5 - 7 Nov 2010

This time not same with PC Fair already...

Last time during PC Fair, I had work with my dearest jimui ~ Sim Sim, Fun Fun n Annlyn...

But this PC Expo, just me and Sim Sim will work in this fair only ~

Last time PC Fair when going to work, we are whole gang people, there was around 10 people ++ going work together...

But this time...just 2 people only...

Me n Sim Sim feel so lonely without Annlyn and Fun Fun ~

Nevermind, I think that 4 of us sure can work together in future...miss u all ya~

Now, just let me show u all my 自恋照 first ya~^^


~PC Expo ~ 

During this PC Expo, Sim Sim was not work with me...

Our in charge person, Hody ask her go another place and help Sensonic promote our product...

And she need to wear like a 'show girl' ~

sim sim.jpg 

Because of Siang Siang not allow, Sim Sim just wear the skirt...haha (but I wish I can see Sim Sim wear the dress le~)

Although Sim Sim not around me, but I still have meet new friends ~

1) with Lica

n lika.jpg

I was close my eyes that time!!! 

2) with Rahizuan

n Wan.jpg 

3) with Farhan

150208_110217422377554_100001678907768_81703_696103_n (1).jpg 

4) with Kantha

n Kantha.jpg 

5) with Kakak Yang Cantik


6) Girls gang

Li Ka, M3 n Kantha.jpg 

7) Mouse's promoter


Oh ya, I have took picture with spokeperson of our company, Thunder Match ~

Thunder Match Tiger.jpg 

m3 and Thunder Match Tiger

sim sim n Tiger.jpg 

Sim Sim and Thunder Match Tiger

During this 3 days, I was stand around 12 hours and didn't sit at all...

My leg going to 'patah' that time...but thanks to my Dear Dear, Steven, he every night massage my leg...even he is tired after work but he know i was tired too...i really appreciate it...LOVE U my DEAR ~ 

After finish this fair, we had take our group photo~


In this photo, Chee Kun was not in the photo because he went back already but we have take photo with another 2 leng lui ~

1 of the leng lui is our Didi, Sheng Kai want to know de...(she just stand beside me only)

She called Elaine a.k.a 琳琳 ~ 

Yeah, she same name with me!!!


Went back to Wangsa, me n sim sim will take lunch + dinner + supper with siang siang...

p/s: I still want say THANK YOU to Chee Siang because of fetch me back to Melati...really thanks this 3 days u fetch me back home...^^

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